Graduate Students

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as the supervisor for some amazing graduate students at UBC:

Deanne Beier (MA) [graduated]
Cheyanne Connell (PhD)
Maya Daurio (PhD)
Patrick Dowd (PhD)
Robert Hanks (MA) [graduated]
Yujie Ji (PhD) [graduated]

I also serve as a committee member for a number of other doctoral students in Anthropology, Geography, Interdisciplinary Studies and Language and Literacy Education at UBC:

Ashli Akins (PhD) [graduated]
Heather Burge (PhD)
Anudeep Dewan (PhD)
Michael Jerowsky (PhD)
Emily Leischner (PhD) [graduated]
Esteban Morales (PhD)
Vicki Sear (PhD)
Amrit Tamang (PhD)
Martina Volfova (PhD) [graduated]
Caroline Running Wolf (PhD)